For Weighing Grounded Containers

Fast, smart, portable and accurate, BISON C-Jacks are robust industrial scales for weighing grounded shipping containers.
Capable of weighing all ISO container types, sizes and weights up to 35,000kg, with BISON C-Jacks you can weigh containers simply and efficiently and communicate a reliable VGM at the earliest opportunity.

BISON C-Jacks sync with the BISON App. In addition to weighing the container, the App lets you check and record the container's load distribution, capture other useful shipment information and communicate weight records instantly. BISON C-Jacks sync with the BISON App. In addition to weighing the container, the App lets you check and record the container's load distribution, capture other useful shipment information and communicate weight records instantly.


Container weighing is fast and easy with BISON C-Jacks. Simply attach the four scales to each corner. Jack the container off the ground. Then transmit the weight direct to your smart phone. The BISON App does the rest for you.

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New & Improved  C-Legs Weigh Containers On All Chassis Types

Safe, fast and easy to set up, C-Legs enable container weighing in any location. Compatible with air and spring chassis, BISON C-Legs are your smart, accurate and efficient container weighing solution.

To weigh a shipping container, you need a weighbridge right? Not any more! With BISON C-Legs, you can safely weigh containers on chassis in any location. To operate, simply attach the four scales to the container, release the chassis twistlocks, then jack the container just clear of the chassis. The BISON App receives the weight via Bluetooth and displays an accurate gross container weight, to a resolution of 50 kg. The App will also let you confirm the container’s weight distribution, add other shipment details, capture photos and send the weight record and VGM certificate by email or to a designated server.

Self-contained and easy to use, BISON C-Legs are the world’s most portable and accurate solution for weighing containers on truck trailers. Now you can manage SOLAS VGM compliance*, avoid overloading and optimize containerised cargo, all before the container hits the road. Get an accurate weight when you want it, where you want it.

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BISON Container Scales


For accurate container weighing in any location, look no further than BISON Container Scales. 
With BISON Container Scales you can weigh containers on-site, take care of your new VGM obligations and increase safety, efficiency and compliance in your shipping operation.

For Weighing Grounded Containers

For Weighing Containers On Chassis 

Who is Richter Scale and why trust our brand?

We've have been in the weighing industry for over 50 years and we know what makes a good weighing product. Cheap grey imports and online trading sites have created a market to dump inferior products on the unsuspecting scale buyer / user. Richter Scale has one of the largest lines of NRCS approved scales and weighing systems in Southern Africa. We would not be able to survive the ups and downs of the economy and ruining our reputation by selling cheap products that don't last. Buying an industrial scale that will stand up to the rigours of the local market and operators requires careful and fully informed research.


Smart VGM Communication


The BISON App provides a wireless link between BISON Container Scales and a compatible smartphone. 

Want to find out how your smartphone can calculate and display your container weights, verify load distribution and share weight data instantly?

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Manage Compliance

Ensure SOLAS VGMs are accurate & delivered in good time

Optimise Container Loads

Maximise revenue and shipping costs

Improve Prove Efficiency

Avoid weighing individual cargo items

Better Asset Utilisation

Don't use expensive haulage and handling assets to weigh

Avoid Overloading

Take the guess work out of
container packing

Back Up Weighing Systems

Build lower cost redundancy into
other weighing processes

Made in South Africa


BISON Container Scales

With BISON Container Scales you can verify container weights on-site, simply and efficiently and get the VGM to the shipping line at the earliest opportunity. Avoid the costs and delays of diverting containers to off-site weighing facilities. Eliminate the inefficiency of weighing every cargo item. BISON Container Scales enable SOLAS VGM compliance, on site and in-time.


Attach, weigh and pack away in minutes.


Confirm load distribution and share weight data instantly.


Accurate to within 50kg. NRCS Approved.

Frequently asked questions

A loadcell is the heart of any scale. Inferior metals, combined with un-tested and unstable strain gauges within these loadcells mean that these cannot perform consistently in various conditions, temperatures or even during simple repeatability testing by the untrained operator! Look for a trusted brand with quality materials and a supplier like us with direct factory backing and guarantees. Beware of copies and imitations. If it’s not sourced from Richter Scale there is a chance it could be a copy or model made for entry level domestic use.

First check if the scale/weighing system is for trade/prescribed purpose or not? If they are then 99/100 times you will have to replace with the same make and model.

Non trade applications - if the size and hole patterns fit then you are free to substitute your current loadcell with a ZEMIC LOADCELL. 

Analogue loadcells :
*Sends mV via the signal lines to the instrument which has an Analogue to Digital convertor.
*Easy to substitute and replace with other manufacturers.

Digital loadcells :
*These have an Analogue to Digital convertor attached to the body or inside the loadcell. It then sends RS422/485 to the indicator.
*More expensive
*Less/no compatibility with other manufacturers.
*Protocol locked.

The strain gauges and body/element material of the same brand loadcells between these 2 technologies remain the same.

It is only on the digital conversion side where they differ in technology.

You can either click on the download spec sheet button located on the individual loadcell page or you can visit our downloads page

Areas or sites with potentially hazardous or explosive environments require weighing equipment which has EX ratings. Many of our Alloy and Stainless steel loadcells are available in an EX version. These should be paired with EX rated junction boxes and EX rated instrumentation.

Dusty and/or wet/corrosive applications call for greater protection against dust and moisture. IP ratings vary from IP65, IP66, IP67, IP68, IP69

These levels and numbers indicate the level of exposure and/or submersion in water and exposure to dust which the loadcell can withstand before ingress (leakage) inside the loadcells.

Legal Metrology Accredited

We are an NRCS and SANAS accredited Verification body and Repair body under the Legal Metrology Act and Legal Metrology Regulations. Our products are type approved for trade use / prescribed purpose and thus carry the NRCS stamp of quality and excellence, giving you the confidence that you will get a product that meets a standard of quality and reliability which is traceable to international metrology and quality standards.


Stories from Bison Clients


These videos illustrate just how Bison Container Scales can benefit your company by weighing containers on-site as soon as its loaded. Under loaded and overweight containers are a thing of the past. More videos can be viewed on our Youtube channel.

For Weighing Grounded Containers

For Weighing Containers On Chassis 

Richter Scale has a  level 2 B-BEEE Certificate. You may request our latest certificate here.



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